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RELEASE DATE: 13th October 2023

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Muriel began life as the recording project of songwriter and tattoo artist Zak Thomas, based in Cardiff, Wales. Their music incorporates classical-guitar-driven arrangements, layered vocals, and introspective lyricism inspired by lo-fi indie rock and folk artists like Sparklehorse, Carissa’s Weird and The Microphones.

Over time Thomas has been joined by a cast of friends and musicians including Rachel Crabbe, Andy Oliveri, Will Davies, and Jamie Joiner who have helped him realise his bedroom recordings as fully-formed songs and finally begin to perform them live, where they take on a life of their own as lush, emotive soundscapes packed with pathos.

On Muriel’s forthcoming debut album, Thomas explores themes including the stages of grief and his own spirituality. Written at home in his bedroom and recorded in his beautiful boutique tattoo shop, Still Hands, in Cardiff, the creative process behind the music mirrors the experimental drive that led the project. 

Featuring production contributions from Tom Bromley (LosCampesinos!), the record was also mastered by Kliph Schurlock (ex drummer of The Flaming Lips), both fellow Cardiff residents.

The vinyl is pressed on ecomix coloured wax (lucky dip) and limited to just 100 copies.


Blue Village
Seaside Painter
Lavender By The Frames
Someone’s Coming In
Passing Fields
I Hope It Won’t Hurt Me
Body Of Light
Walking Just To Walk

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