JFC x Sleep Beggar JE Double F Vinyl Bundle



Pick up both of these amazing records for just £9.99 (free shipping to all our UK customers)

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The debut EP from Norwegian one man wrecking crew Jesus Fucking Christ. “Homophobia Is Like Totally Gay” is a crushing, genre defying kick to the face. Sounding like heavy electro beat driven Death Grips, Refused, Nine Inch Nails and quieting down to Bjork, M83 experimental etherealism. Limited to 300 x 12 inch milky clear wax with pink splatter (digital download link generated upon purchase).

  • Doomsday Device (intro)
  • Pope On A Rope (Religion III)
  • Imma Gonna Kick U In Da Face
  • Love You 2 Bits
  • Sometimes My Arms Ben Back

Sleep Beggar, the brainchild of Jamie Burne (vocalist of Bastions) is a collision of experimental hip-hop beats and UK punk noise bringing to mind underground successes like Death Grips and POS. JE Double F from southern New Jersey provides short bursts of punk rap fury that sounds like early Danzig mixed with MF Doom. The split 7″ vinyl will be limited to 300 (transparent blood red w/ slime green/black splatter wax). Included is a full size poster of the artwork by Laura Lenihan plus digital download. Free shipping within the UK.


Sleep Beggar

  • Troublehunters
  • Coloured In Demons

JE Double F

  • Recently Deceased
  • Devils Backbone
  • Too Dead To Die
  • Candle Cove