The Nightmares – Séance – Black/Red Splatter 12″


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Release date: 7th April 2023

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The Nightmares – Séance  on black/red splatter 12″ vinyl. Limited to 500 copies worldwide. Download code included. We ship all orders tracked. Orders to the EU can be made via Bandcamp.

Forming in 2018, The Nightmares are as inspired by shared musical passions – The Cure, Placebo, Interpol – as they are by the art of séances. Aptly, a life-changing experience with the other side inspired what would become the ten tracks on Séance. Recorded at Stompbox Studios in Wales with Richard Jackson (who produced, mixed, and mastered the record), the band met him for the first time the morning they entered the studio and it seemed like a fateful match. The result is an infectious and powerful debut album, conveying a message of paranormal love and supernatural fear.

On their debut album, bassist Benjamin T. Mainwaring states:

“Séance is a record born out of a shared love of the macabre… a longing to express the darker thoughts and deeper emotions of life. Channeled through the practice of attempted communication with spirits from beyond this world. We started to dip our toes into the world of the seance, and the experiences we went through would inform the writing of the record.

I am totally convinced that what happened in these experiments were real. And they have stuck with me. I have nothing but respect for the spirits and I understand the gravity and weight that comes with communication with other worlds. It is not to be taken lightly.”

Having already played tours and supported acts like Holding Absence, Casey, Tiger Army and Salem, the band have been able to create a haunting and memorable live show. Fans can catch the band performing cuts from the album and previous works in the UK this Spring, tour dates here.

The Nightmares is Adam Parslow (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Eleanor Coburn (Keys, Vocals), Benjamin T. Mainwaring (Bass), and James Mattock (Drums, Backing Vocals).

Séance Tracklist:
1. It Follows
2. Pink and Grey
3. From Above
4. Cursed
5. Heartless
6. Murder Season Ft. Will Gould
7. Evermore
8. Let the Light In
9. For Heaven’s Sake
10. Everything Pretty Changing

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