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RELEASE DATE: 26/07/2024

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Limited edition ecomix vinyl, made from recycled wax pellets. Only 150 pressed worldwide. PLEASE NOTE the final colour of the vinyl will be random.

First 30 orders will receive Ceremonial Neck Drapes

Brothers and Sisters of Tomorrow LISTEN UP …and listen up good. The mettle of your crown will bring you to the sounds of Zenarchist Magnetists COUGHIN’ VICARS!

Prophecies of A New Realm reverberate, and protagonists calmly wait—destruction of tight-knit boundaries is the aim of this game. Rising free, dressed black, our United Mutations march to the future, flying the freedom flag of Anti-Faction. Rips of rain punish the pavement these disciples walk upon, hard freeze upon their jeans… could this ever be worth it? A voyager speaks: “Until the feeling turns cold” – and it never will, for Lo…

…And Behold! Clouds clear and a Summer Sun’s frail ray illuminates the way – Liverpool warehouse dry / Irish Sea endless sky / Dublin nights / Brooklyn Heights / San Francisco sorrow / Knowhere tomorrow. True sound of liberty! Or true sound of lost? Is this comic debris or cosmic slop?

Vehicle passing gives the splash/soak phase… lower the gaze, don’t look at it man – 137 is the Police Patrol Van. Repeat, repeat, repeat… yet again, Stop-And-Search “one cuff fits all” philosophy for all… Security Dogs and Feral Cats – which is witch within these acts? Thief of joy? Oh boy… Hardcore Petrichor fills the air.

<<< In this space spare a thought for those before, those now, and those to follow that will share this journey >>>

Infection spontaneity of cobbled streets with pubs to meet is alchemy hard to resist. Under the volcano mentality kicks out, another drink sinks in… Black Stuff / Jet Fuel / Junk Food and then into the ether. Strike a match for the Doomsday Lottery – magical number: 23. Along the velvet trail to the rotten row, balance redefined: Zero. WHO CARES? Last but not least – these are travellers from night to light! Rewind, get back to work and reverse the wound! Check it Zedd, a riot lies ahead – dig THAT daddy-o!

In the hypnagogic static slump of dawn they act …navigating with instinct over precision – energy as currency and compass. From grapes of wrath at Roscoe Knight (the crossroad where years go and Swallows fly, and drifting generations on a Georgian descent pass by) to the ritual of the savage at Ancient Chapel, Toxteth. No coincidence – this is The Reach!

Fire and fury will mark the time between this fine-line of ragged Human refraction and Rock & Rolling Interzonal action – and that, pals, IS A FACT! Whether you are A Winner / A Sinner / A Strobe-Light Beginner… come to the VICARS!

After all, it’s not the cough that will carry you off—it’s the COUGHIN’ they carry you off in.

The Reverend Jonathan Matthias (Polytheist and student of Huono Viisaus)


Lo And Behold
Rips Of Rain
Until The Feeling Turns Cold
One Cuff Fits All
The Reach
Reverse The Wound
Last But Not Least
Redefined Zero
Doomsday Zero
Thief Of Joy

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