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Milk Teeth

MILKTEETH 2014 - Venn Records

Milk Teeth 2014 - Venn RecordsStroud’s Milk Teeth evoke memories of oversized plaid shirts, taking walkmans to school and pirate cassettes of Wayne’s World. Formed less than a year ago, 5000 miles from their spiritual home Seattle, Josh, Becky, Chris and Olly began making waves the instant “Smiling Politely” was released in August 2013. Their fuzzed up guitars, boy/girl vocals and tales of growing up perfectly balance teen angst with pop sensitivity. New single “Vitamins” is being released through punk band Gallows own record label Venn Records on May 19th.

Vocalist and guitarist Josh is excited for people to hear the new track and becoming part of the ever-growing Venn family, “We have been playing this song live for a few months now and it is hands down the most fun to play and was amazing to record. We couldn’t think of a better label for a song we love so much to come out on other than venn. Mad stoked”

Becky says Vitamins “is about the catch 22 of being in love with somebody and knowing that your relationship is headed for disaster. Love playing it live, its a proper head banger. The boys got it straight away and made my idea into the song that it is now, big up!”

Laurent Barnard (Gallows/Venn Records) is more than happy to welcome the band to the label, “Milk Teeth make me feel young again. Play it loud!”